The Fast Forward Button of Life

A few weeks ago, I felt myself getting burned out, not from perpetually doing the same thing over and over again but rather from doing nothing at all. After graduating from SU in May I have been interning and tutoring on the side to make extra cash (a necessity to maintaining the cosmopolitan lifestyle that I have since adapted after moving to NYC). I had been applying to jobs since the day I walked across the stage  and shook hands with the Dean, but have otherwise had no luck. After interning for what felt like a lifetime, I started to get worried. I found myself shrouded in darkness, ready to pack my bags and move back to Connecticut and find a job working in retail. I wanted to give up so badly. Publishing is a hard industry to break into. I knew that, but despite knowing that, we all tell ourselves, or like to believe that we’ll be an anomaly to the fact. I consider myself to be funny, confident and smart—a sure win for any publishing company. Yet everyone is unique and everyone likes to think that they’re the best candidate. It’s part of life and it’s part of human nature. We all think we are the best. We always think: “Not me. I’m different.” But despite our confidence in the situation, things do not always work out as we hope.

Then I read DeVonn Franklin’s Book PRODUCED BY FAITH, a book about his attempt to break into the production business—an industry just as competitive, if not more so, than book publishing.  I learned to let go. To trust God and to breathe a little. When the timing is right, everything will come to pass. That was when my life finally started to take motion. I suddenly found myself with three interviews over the course of 5 days. One of them at a big 5 publishing house and another a follow-up interview at Skyhorse Publishing, a smaller independent publisher that is still relatively well-known in the publishing world.

I also took a leap and had Cross Linking done on my eye that has been affected by Keratoconus. I had been putting that off for a long time because I was afraid and I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to think about how it would affect my career or my job search.

For once in my life, everything was set in motion. It felt as though someone had pushed the fast forward button on my life. In a moment’s notice I had gone from being hopeless, burned out and bored to having everything lined up and laid out for me. Needless to say, I had my Cross Linking procedure and am on my way to a speedy recovery. Soon I’ll be able to get a more suitable glasses/contact lens prescription and be well on my way to pursing a career in book publishing. My vision may not be restored but I’ll have the peace of mind in knowing it won’t progress. I’ll eventually be able to adapt to it well enough to read multiple manuscripts a day.

I also accepted a job as an Editorial Assistant at Skyhorse Publishing. As a smaller company Skyhorse will give me the opportunity to learn so much more than what I would come to know at a larger publishing house and I am grateful for that. My life has finally been put into motion and I have God to thank for that. If I had not let go, if I had not taken a step back and let Him work His magic in my life, I would still be stuck without a job and stuck in the dark abyss that I had fallen into

The fact of the matter is that we cannot be afraid to take risks. We cannot be afraid to let go. It is when we let go, relax and chose to go with the flow that life starts to take its course and the higher powers work their way into your life.

All we have to do is trust, believe and have faith.