Take 100

I’ve attempted to start a blog multiple times. Back in the day, when blogging was essentially a “thing,” I had a Xanga account, but I only used that to post random pictures, selfies, whatever angsty little tweens did back in the day—I’m too ashamed to even think about it. Then I started a blog for a class. I only updated that one when my TA told me to and only with content that she said to put on it. Then when I studied abroad, I wanted to create one of my adventures—”Amy Takes Europe.” But that fell through when I broke my computer, and then subsequently let my computer get stolen after I bought a new one. So long story short, that never happened.

So multiple failed blogging attempts later, here I am. Ready to try again. I, Amy Li, will take on blogging again (I’ll do my best to update as much as possible and not bore anyone to death). Graduation means a  new chapter in my life and new things to try, so  let’s start with blogging.

To possibly the 100th attempt I have made at starting a blog. Hopefully it won’t fall through this time.