About Me

I am an ambitious young editor and writer based in Brooklyn. I’ve worked with many talented authors and writers as an assistant editor at an indie publisher called Skyhorse, temped at a Big 5 Publishing house, and worked as a freelance copy writer and editor for start-up businesses and companies.  My work has  also been featured on Publishing Trendsetters, a blog dedicated to helping young professionals in the book publishing industry.

Currently, I’m an editor  at McGraw-Hill Education’s business books department.  I work with industry leaders and business professionals of large companies to edit, revise, and develop their books. Prior to working at McGraw-Hill I worked at a start-up company in the 500 startups batch. Although the company has since changed directions, when I worked there it was an on demand coffee delivery service. As the copy editor/ writer, my job was to develop short, snappy product descriptions for the different coffees on the shop’s menu.

I started my career at Skyhorse Publishing where I worked as an assistant editor. Some of my projects include COCKTAILS AT DINNER (Fall 2014), an innovative coffee table book that teaches readers how to pair drinks with their meals in a daring combination of savory blends and fruity flavors; STRONG AND SEXY (Fall 2014), a practical guide written by Swedish TV and fashion personalities Sofi Fahrman and Julia Fors on a how to achieve stronger, healthier, more beach-ready body in a fun and hip way; UNITED STATES OF CAKES (Spring 2015), a beautiful coffee table cookbook featuring various classic cake and pastry recipes adapted from some of our most beloved bakeries—all with a fun twist; CURED BY NATURE (Fall 2015), a beautiful, well-written prescriptive memoir about one woman’s journey to recover from a lifetime of prescription drugs and how she found true happiness; and THE TUDOR TUTOR (Fall 2015), a witty guide to the Tudor era that provides the quick, nitty-gritty facts about the dynasty and includes over 50 full color illustrations of the monarchs and their courtiers.

Now that I’ve bored you with a “cookie-cutter profile” and my work experience, here are 5 random and unnecessary facts about me:

1). I can speak three languages: English, French, and Mandarin Chinese. I also know how to say “apple juice, please,” in German (apfelsaft, bitte), which I’ll admit is a bit random. However, if I am ever in Germany in the near or distant future and really want apple juice for some reason, I wouldn’t have a problem.

2). Deep down, I’m still a little kid who believes in the existence of unicorns and magic. P.S. I’m still waiting for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

3). I love water; I grew up by the beach and learned to swim before I could even stand on my own two feet. I also swam competitively for several years.

4). I’ve been a huge Tudor history buff since middle school. I have read an obscene amount of biographies on Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, and their court.

5). I can play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano with one finger. I took a few years of piano lessons before reaching the epiphany that I wasn’t musically inclined enough to be a world-famous pianist. But the lessons inevitably paid off because I can produce “music” on a piano…to some extent. Because of this, I like to tell people that I am musically gifted; even though I can hardly sing on key. My best friend tells me that I sound like William Hung.